• Collecting and giving unused unexpired medicines made easy

    to save money and save lives.

  • We are AngelChest

    We are passionate about solving the problems of improper stocking and disposal of medicines resulting in opioid epidemics, accidental ingestion leading to the death of children, and pharmaceutical waste contamination all over the world.
    We would like to contribute to making the world a better place! 🌎

  • This is the story of Matt...

    At 4 yrs. old, he is dead.

  • What We Do

    We raise awareness of the potential dangers of unsecured storage/hoarding of prescription medicine.

    We teach people how to dispose of unused medicines properly.

    We provide a platform (website & app) to make this easy for all.

    Do you have some medicines lying around?

    The onset of Covid-19 had many people started stockpiling medicines, leading to a shortage of some common medicines. These resulted in households having extra medicines that can be used by people in need.


    These medicines will not only sit there but also have a very high chance of expiring before they are used.

    Why one should donate their unused/unexpired medicines?

    This way not only do you get to get rid of excess but also help those in need. With one small gesture, you can save someone’s life. And the country still reeling from the damage done by the disease, there is still time to make a difference. As of today, the country needs its people to rise to the occasion.


    Today's battles are different. We need to make an effort at the home front to save the lives of fellow Canadians. Come forward and give away the meds that are lying unused at your home.


    These little acts of bravery can help build the nation. Making a difference in someone’s else's life has never been easier. You just need to look into your medicine cabinet and see whether you have more than you need. And if you have more than what you will need, give them to your nearest pharmacy, please!

    How can you help?

    Opioid-related deaths have seen a sudden spike in 2020-21. Not only that, but their consumption is also a major problem. With the whole medical community under great pressure, it is best to not hoard medicines. Opioid use has seen a spike in usage by at-risk teens and baby boomers. But this can be tackled by not having extra sets of these medicines at our homes in the first place.


    The global supply chain has been disrupted due to the ongoing pandemic but is well on its path to recovery. We as people should not become lax and forget that there is still a shortage of meds.


    In recent years, as many as 2,500 tonnes of drugs and expired medicines have been collected by pharmacies in Canada to reduce wastage. This is a direct result of all the national-level campaigns going on.

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